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A Note from the Edge

From the Edge of an Inland Sea In the Tipping place between Harvest and Sweet Release Listening from the eyes of the ears to the unraveling fringes of Chaos and Strangeness and Grace... Yes Grace.  We are a Periphery. We Weave. and We are Re-Woven from the Har A short note from the edge of the largest freshwater lake (by surface volume). The Ojibwe/Anishinaabe name for the lake is gichi-gami (pronounced as gitchi-gami and kitchi-gami in other dialects), meaning "great sea".  This inland sea is so vast, if the full contents of the Lake were to spill out, water would cover North AND South America in a foot of water**. Their stories rolling in just outside the window on the edge of the North Shore of The Great Sea. The Big Water, the Boreal forest and the endless star salted night sky, all reminders of timelessness and my insignificance. A comfort really.  Right now - the co-existance of opposites, paradox, the profound riddle of patting of pate and rubbing of the belly simultaneously, the wise and foolish tongue. As Myth Man Martin Shaw shares in his book, Courting the Wild Twin, about these times in relation with the mangled, exquisite mess - "speaking out of both sides of the mouth".  Befriending or at the very least bowing to the contrary, not resisting will yield gold. Theses times are fruitful. Brutal. Under/Other Worldly. Feel it all. Bless it all. Digest what you can. Writer and activist Carolyn Baker, in her book Dark Gold speaks to the purpose of myth. "In all of mythology, the ultimate purpose is the transformation of consciousness, both one's own and that of the community."   Pick a myth to dance with you through the furnace of these times. Choose your allies and be claimed by something older, wiser than yourself. It's a messy, heart breaking business and we are up & down for it. In Untamed by Glennon Doyle, lives her truth and reminding me "We can do hard things!"  Yes we can.  I can. I am. Listen brighter. Love Fiercer,  Own your own insignificance AND your bad ass & (often) untapped power. Open. Go Interior. Transform. With love, Tracy ****  Meet me at the Edge Beloved Other - Telling These Times A Virtual In Home Concert Friday September 4th - 7pm CDT In the sweet waning days of summer we are being called to deepen and reflect into our lives, our communities and the challenges and opportunities facing our People of Color and this Planet. We are being called to listen. Listen to the voices of black, brown and indigenous people. Listen to the Earth and befriend our relationships with 'otherness". Beloved Other is an evening to gather in story as humans have for thousands of years and yet in a new virtual way. Are you willing to deepen your listening, broaden your imagination, tenderize your broken heart? If so then we will explore our inner and outer relationships with "other" through the spoken gold of mythos, eros and a mouthful of stories.  This is a love fest. This is storytelling as transformational, storytelling as sacred, storytelling as co-creative activism. More here Get tickets here & a Zoom link will be sent to you the day of the performance. Suggested donation $10-$25 Weaving World Story Circle - starting up at Samhain through Betane. Work with me 1:1 to court your mythic life and stories. Also there is something in the works for women to gather, grounding together.

Behold. Be Held. Be Free. Stay tuned for more.

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