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In the Womb

Greetings to you on this late winter day. Here in the north and middle this is the time of subtle, yet noticeable change - light - spilling like milk, lengthening the day, a wild and raucous flock of cedar waxwings feasting on overwintered crab apples, and the drip, drip of day melt, followed by the crystal clear icicles in the waning full moon's light. We are just past Imbolc and already there are many early harbingers of spring. One of the translated meanings, from Irish Gaelic for Imbolc is 'in the belly, in the womb, referring to the quickening and gestation of lambs in the wombs of ewes. So this time between Imbolc and the Vernal Equinox, Ostara is akin to being in a more metaphoric womb and the Sacred Tending & Waiting for what might birth into this world and yours as we enter into spring. What energies (ideas, plans, forms) are gestating in you, safe and secure in the womb? How do you tend (care, nourish, support) them and your potent bellied self? Many traditional stories have an 'in the belly, in the womb' moment...a place where the energies are growing, it might be a place of protection, a time of waiting and anticipating...and/or a time of healing and integration. I'm walking hand to hand with the story of The Handless Maiden, also known as the Girl with Silver Hands, and The Armless Maiden ( to name a few of many names). This story has been a close companion, ally and teacher over the past 3+ years. This is an initiation story! The Handless Maiden is a story of regeneration, a story of the sacred feminine and a story of endurance! Whether you relate or not to those first two energies, endurance is likely something we have all become deeply familiar with. What an honor to be in an active courtship with this ancient, many iterated tale. Over the years engaging with the story of The Handless Maiden, I've noticed this being in the womb place showing up (for me) - in the forest journeys in this story . The forest is the place where the heroine returns again and again to rest, heal and tend after big initiatory experiences. I relate with going into the woods, into the womb place of forest, the dark mystery of that wild space (literally and metaphorically) as essential to growth, and my evolution as a human. To be in the womb of the woods is essential and can be uncomfortable. Transformation is inevitable. In April you'll have a chance to explore this story with some wildly talented tellers! The first weekend of April Lara MacLure from York, Jay Leeming from Ithaca, NY and myself will be offering two virtual performances - one Saturday April 6pm CDT and the second on Sunday April 3 at 2pm CDT. The details are still coming together, but there's a bit up here. Mark it on your calendar, tickets available soon! Extra Bits Last (live in person) Yoga Nidra Micro Retreat of the season - March 6-7 at the Christine Center in Willard WI. Such a powerful way to connect with your body and dive deep into some winter's rest. Last call to gather your most cherished and beloved people for an intimate storytelling experience and host a virtual live Storytelling House Concert before spring. Weary of virtual anything? Ah, tis a loaded question. I am booking live in person performances this summer - indoors and outside. Please reach out if you'd like to bring the riches of storytelling into your summer sweetness. Performances can lean to suit all ages or specific to youth or adults. Email me for more info.

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