Upcoming events & offerings....spring 2020

Due to the COVID 19 outbreak many of my scheduled storytelling performances will be happening online. Please join me!

Listen in...are you curious about the Big Myths, the bread crumb trail for your ancestor's folklore and/or the warp and weft of your own wild story?  Through the summer solstice I'm offering a discount on 1:1 Storytelling Coaching sessions


Now is the time to become more mythically aware, in service to your precious life, your family's, your community and the 7 generations to come. Email me for a free 30 minute consulation.


Beloved Other  Virtual House Storytelling House Concert 

Friday September 4th



In the heart of summer - the fullest time of the year many of us are being called to deepen into the Great Pause and listen. Listen to the voices of black, brown and indiginous people. Listen to the Earth and befriend our relationships with 'otherness".  Beloved Other is an evening to gather in story as humans have for thousands of years and yet in a new virtual way. 


Are you willing to deepen your listening, broaden your imagination, tenderize your broken heart?  If so then we will explore our inner and outer relationships with "other" through the spoken gold of mythos, eros and a mouthful of stories.  


This is storytelling as transformational, storytelling as sacred, storytelling as co-creative activism. 

Suggested donation $10-$25

Email me to RSVP and receive zoom link and payment info.


Threshold Stories: Answering the Call at the Crossroads
Friday May 29 at 7pm
a collaboration with Threshold Commuity Space in Madison via Zoom.
As Spring moves towards summer, we will be moving individually and globally out of the Great Pandemic & Interruption, into a time of grieving, and re-building, re-covering and re-visioning a New Story.  Now at this crossroads there is a call to action to create,  in the words of Charles Eisenstein  a more beautiful world we know is possible. 
Please RSVP and more info here.

Living the WILD Story - a women's retreat

Fri - Sun June 26-28 

 Live and in person at The Christine Center in Willard WI

Living the Wild Story is a women's* weekend retreat diving deep into the wilderness of soul, place and your unfolding story in the community of women.  It’s about grounding into the beautiful container of deep myth, into  your own stories, and flaring forth into your life as an empowered, awake creator.  It’s about living a more, embodied, true and soulful life. 

* open to those identifying and women/femme.

Registration info here.

Global Virtual Storytelling Conference:
Storytelling in a World Shaped by Coronavirus-19

Saturday - Sunday May 16-17th
A free 24 hours storytelling experience with tellers from around the world via Zoom Please join us!!

Conference Introduction,
Conference Poster,
Conference Schedule


More events in the works so please join my mailing list and/or stay tuned!

Would you like to host a storytelling house concert or online home concert? Let's talk!

"Things need not have happened to be true. Tales and dreams are the shadow-truths that will endure when mere facts are dust and ashes, and forgotten."  

                                                                                                                      ~ Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream

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