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a random hoard of tales both great and peerie (small) that have been know to leap, fall and fly, for better and worse from my lips.

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The Buried Moon

once upon a place,

in a dark, dark watery place. In a boggy ancient fen...there was a village who praised the moon.


East of the Sun,

West of the Moon 


What lies East of the Sun and West of the Moon? Only the icy snell north wind knows.

This rich Scandanavian tale, also known as
Valemon, the White Bear King is a magical

adventure story best enjoyed in the long dark

nights of mid winter
*image by Kay Neilsen

The Selkie

If you listen to the waves long enough and if your heart is pure, it is said you will hear the song of the sea....

The song of the seal folk.

The song of the Selkies.

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The Children of Lir

An ancient tale from the ancient land of Tir-nan-Og. To the shapes that shifts...


Baba Yaga

A visit with Old Boney Legs herself, deep in the forest, far, far from the village. Could she be outsmarted by a strip of the girl?

The Earth Gnome

Into the darkening half of the year we slide. Time to settle, to tell and to listen.

Once upon a time there was an apple, there were three princesses...there were dragons!

There was a king, and three brothers. There was the Earth Gnome - beings who once and still were very much part of the ebb and flow of life.  Yes there was trouble and yes there is magic.

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Old Baubo's Dance

A rich initiation for Demeter & Percephone and their greif striken dance with ol' Baubo.


Fionn Mac Cumhaill & the Salmon of Knowledge

It's said the the world will come to an end if Fionn Mac Cumhaill's (Finn Mac Coul), the greatest Irish hero of all time, name isn't spoke aloud.  Join Fionn on his mythic adventure with the great Salmon of Knowledge.

so many more tales awaiting...

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