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BOREALIS MUNDI – means northern worldsand is where

Tracy Chipman journeys through the landscapes of love, longing
and loss to recover and
re-discover her life. Tracy shares her personal tale courageously through memoir, essay and poetry - weaving together stories of chopping wood and carrying water near the shining

waters of Lake Superior, walking the wind salted islands of Scotland,

and resting in the weight of loss after loss in the boreal

forests of northern Wisconsin.


This book is for anyone who has been claimed by a place – by a grove of birch, by an inland sea, by a red granite gravel road, and for those who wander the wild shoreline of loss and the holy terrain of love and rebirth.



Presale begins February 14 for sale in the US only.

(just too expensive to do posting to the UK)

$18.00 + $5 shipping in the US = $23 total per book

Books will be posted mid to late March


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