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“Luminescent, gritty, vulnerable, elegant, raw. This memoir is full of the soul’s might.”  
Cybele, spiritual counselor and author of Love Song

 BOREALIS MUNDI – means northern worlds, and is where Tracy Chipman journeys through the landscapes of love, longing and loss to recover and re-discover her life. Tracy shares her personal tale courageously through memoir, essay and poetry - weaving together stories of chopping wood and carrying water near the shining waters of Lake Superior, walking the wind salted islands of Scotland, and resting in the weight of loss after loss in the boreal forests of northern Wisconsin.


This book is for anyone who has been claimed by a place – by a grove of birch, by an inland sea, by a red granite gravel road, and for those who wander the wild shoreline of loss and the

holy terrain of love and rebirth.


January 25 -  TWO WOMEN HEALING with Christine Varnavas

7pm The Raw Deal Menomonie WI


Borealis Mundi was included in the Valley Stewardship Network's 2023 reading list.

The Iowa Source June 2023


Books are now available directly through me in the US here, via online retailers worldwide; Amazon, Barnes & Noble (US), Abe Books & Blackwells (UK) and the following independent bookstores:

Redberry Books - Cable, WI

A Room of One's Own Madison WI

Prairie Lights - Iowa City, IA

Tsunami Books - Eugene, OR

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“What a gift, this book. Borealis Mundi is a poetic and profound entryway into connection with more of ourselves. It opens us wider and guides us into intimate relationship with all we encounter in this life. This book invites more of our soul home.”

~ Chelan Harkin, author of Susceptible to Light and Let Us Dance, The Stumble and

Whirl with The Beloved 


“With great love, sumptuous prose, lyric poetry, and well honed storytelling, Tracy guides us through the chaotic storms and emotional shoals that forged her journey and her life. Borealis Mundi is a visceral, spiritual odyssey across literal and psychic waters. Those acquainted with grief and loss will hear echoes of their own lives in her stories. And they may find wisdom there as well. I know I did.”

~ Kevin McMullin, author of Into the Black Sea - Stories of Darkness & Light.


“It takes courage for a writer to allow the message of a book to create the form of the book. It also takes courage to walk through life awake to its darkness and its light simultaneously. Tracy  Chipman’s wonderful book exemplifies this sort of courage. A very important voice of the feminine lies between these pages.”

~ Nancy Swisher, MA, MFA, Author of The Life That Woke  Me Up Was My Own, Founder of the Find Your Voice Women’s Club at

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