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Storytelling is an amazing, connective and rich experience for ALL ages! Having enjoyed this with those young and young at heart for the past 26 years I've noticed that children LOVE storytelling they are natural storytellers and carriers. 


On the other hand, adults - and this is just what I've noticed over the years - really NEED storytelling, we need to settle into our bodies, set down the devices and allow ourselves to sink into the moment with a good story, well told.


 I  believe that humans of all ages are hardwired to

love stories...and storytelling.


Over the years it's all happened - libraries, festivals, house concerts, art galleries, private parties, the list goes on. If you are curious to bring a storytelling to the young or adult folks in your life - let's connect. 

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   summer reading program 2021  


of the furred, feathered & finned

Oh the Stories!

Swooping, diving, burrowing, prowling!

Stories have been told through 10,ooo tongues for as long we have memory.  

Each of us as a story burning brightly in us, connecting us to the natural world and to the zillions of furred, feathered & finned animal beings out there we share the planet with!  Please join me for this collection of stories and spells in honor of our animal siblings.


Booking now live outdoors & virtual for youth, young adult &

adult programs - Summer 2021