Storytelling with children is an amazing experience and one I've been head over heels in love with since I stepped on the path of storyteller 25 years ago in a circle of preschoolers!  Children are natural storytellers and carriers.  They are amazing listeners (truly) when they are immersed and engaged in their beautiful imaginations.


Over the years it's all happened - libraries, festivals, private birthday parties, campfire slumber parties. If you are curious to bring a storytelling to the littles (or young at hearts) in your life

- let's connect. 

Summer Reading Program Summer 2020....


a journey to imagining your story







Imagine your stories!

Stories have been told through 10,ooo tongues for as long we have memory.  

Each of us as a story burning brightly in us, connecting us to our ancestors, the land and our lives. There are stories flaring forth from inside every living thing (including YOU) just waiting to usher us all forward into the future. 


Enter The Imaginarium and let's imagine your story, and OUR story!


Shall we??

Note - many of my scheduled performances have been cancelled to do the COVID 19 pandemic. Please check in with your library to see if they have any virtual storytelling options.  See you next summer! 


Booking now for youth, young adult & adult programs - Summer 2020

Also considering offering a storytelling workshop to deepen this exploration of

Imagining Your Story! Email me for more info.


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