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Storytelling with children is an amazing experience and one I've been head over heels in love with since I stepped on the path of storyteller 25 years ago in a circle of preschoolers!  Children are natural storytellers and carriers.  They are amazing listeners (truly) when they are immersed and engaged in their beautiful imaginations.


Over the years it's all happened - libraries, festivals, private birthday parties, campfire slumber parties. If you are curious to bring a storytelling to the littles (or young at hearts) in your life

- let's connect. 

Summer Reading Program Summer 2021....


of the furred, feathered & finned

Oh the Stories!

Swooping, diving, burrowing, prowling!

Stories have been told through 10,ooo tongues for as long we have memory.  

Each of us as a story burning brightly in us, connecting us to the natural world and to the zillions of furred, feathered & finned animal beings out there in the wide world! 

Please join me for this collection of stories and spells in honor of our animal siblings.


Booking now live & virtual for youth, young adult & adult programs - Summer 2021

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