Storytelling is...

... an ancient, live, sacred, co-creative exchange between listener and teller.  Storytelling is vast, it is a web, a bridge and a often a lifeline.

Storytelling builds trust, creates communion & compassion with ourselves, others, with the natural world.  

Storytelling breaks open imaginations, and storytelling heals. 

 Storytelling transforms.


" ... This is a time to be intentional about what we are weaving into the web.

A moment to examine what seeds we are sowing with our thoughts and actions and really consider what we wish to live in devotion to.

As the world around us appears to be spiraling into chaos and fear fracturing the airwaves, there is a greater story unfolding. We are part of an epic myth being woven. We are woven in it as we are also each doing the weaving - breath by breath, word by word, thread by golden thread. "

~  Darrah Ananda ~


I am a Wisconsin native who has roamed and roved far and wide and now resides here, once again in the land of red granite, dark wild woods and clear, near bottomless lakes. I stepped onto the path of storyteller 26 years under an Oregon hazelnut tree and have never looked back.  Deep listening, wild imagining and getting out of the way for the story to tell itself are the tools of my trade. 

My ancestors; peasants, pioneers, puritans, immigrants, grandmothers, cheesemakers, tin smiths, poachers, and travelers carrying stories from the Jurassic Coastline to deep loric Bavarian forests, from Great Lakes to Rolling Prairie-lands. 

I believe that stories and the art of storytelling are transformational and absolutely essential in at this time to all life on this planet. We must wake up to live more robust, compassionate, whole and conscious lives and the co-creative process of storytelling gives us this and more helping us remember beyond the coding of colonization and finding our way back to awe! 


There is always time and there's always a need for stories to be told! 

If  you are curious about deepening your courtship with story, with AWE, with your writing, your art, your creative life, your soul and the World Soul - consider journeying with me in 1:1 Storytelling Mentoring/Coaching sessions.  Engaging with stories in this deep and conscious way is nothing short of transformational! 

​Right now I am I offer storytelling performances and workshops  virtually and in person (following CV-19 precautions) in co-creative collaboration with the wide range of the inter-generational spectrum.   Visit my events page and considering working with me in the many ways this is possible.   


Over the decades I have shared my gifts in all four directions in fulfilling & curious ways. 

From 1996 – 2004 my deep respect for the land and Gaelic culture ferried me over to the Outer Hebrides of Scotland and from that the Hebridean Folklore Project was born. On the isles time was spent with folks, listening to their stories and when/if they were comfortable we recorded a few.  Sometimes local youth joined me in my visits and always the vision of this grass roots endeavor was to help keep these stories accessible to islanders and others beyond. More about that story here. Over the years many of these stories have be retold with permission given and shared with the greatest respect for the extraordinary people and their place. In 2016, with permission the body of analog recordings were digitized and are now archived at the Digital Archive of Scottish Gaelic


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​Presently I am based in North Menomonie in NW Wisconsin, where I live and occupy the traditional territories of the Ho Chunk, the Anishinaabe, and the Oceti Sakowin, (Och-et-eeshak-oh-win), or Sioux peoples with my partner in an ever growing garden, a few chickens and a sassy black cat called Pippin.  When I'm not listening or telling I also write, practice & teach yoga.

sweet words...


"...Being transported into the mythical realm through your storytelling was such a profound and incredible experience.  One that feels as though it moved me a bit further into a liminal space my heart has been calling for for some time."  ~ Nina B. Decorah, IA



"Tracy Chipman brings her full humanity to her storytelling.  Whether she is telling a Celtic myth or a story about her Grandmother, there is a vitality and a truthfulness to her presence, through which she calls us to presence too. ...Here, alongside the lash of the waves, there is time to breathe, a tough sense of humour, and also great tenderness.  Her voice of wisdom and compassion lives on in me."   

                                                                                                         ~ UK based Storyteller Jackie Singer

"Tracy's vivid words create a magnificent story-scape, another world you can so easily slip into while listening to her. The stories Tracy shares are ones that can be understood from many viewpoints, with many lessons. I've found myself so completely captivated with one in particular that I keep dreaming it up all over again. Please enjoy and cherish the sweet act of listening to the stories Tracy tells!" 

                                                                                     ~ Liliana C, in Madison WI

"We had 19 children and 12 adults attend our Dreamtime Tales program with a tour

de force storytelling performance by Tracy. The vast beauty of her stories was the richness

of content and description. Mouths watered as they heard a story of jelly-beans falling from the

sky like rain. Children's eye's glistened as they imagined the silky red robes and golden curtains of the emperor's palace in one story. In short, our storyteller had excellent powers of description and expression and she delighted a very jubilant crowd during a bustling opening today." 

                                                               - Corbin at Sheldon Branch Library, Eugene Oregon

“Tracy's stories and deliverance are spellbinding”     
                                               ~ Hillary Kurtz, Fairfield, Iowa
"We are always thrilled to have Tracy perform! Whether it's for children, adults, or a mix, Tracy always does such a wonderful job of adapting to the audience! That's a tall order for a performer, but we know we're in great hands with Tracy. "                 ~ Kayce Henderson, Sparta Free Library, Sparta WI



"Tracy's stories, and storytelling, are a true delight and not to be missed!"  

                                                                              ~ Kurt Hanson, Fairfield, Iowa

"I hope you will go out and let stories happen to you, and that you will work them, water them with your blood and tears and your laughter till they bloom, till you yourself burst into bloom." 

~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes