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adult tellings

Humanity has been diving into the deep well of story for 20,000 years...stories and storytelling are embedded deep in our bones. More than ever adults need the riches of ancient myth and the ripeness of personal narratives.  Listen, LIVE, imagine more deeply and be part of the transformation and the re-storying of these times.

Whether you are looking to host a storytelling House Concert, find a key note speaker, enliven any public or private event with the breadth & depth of storytelling you are... 


opening the door for a shared experience to deepen our listening and a chance to (help) un-colonize our imaginations!


Here are just a few ideas of what's possible as performances, presentations, workshops and retreats...


The Stories in the Stars ~ Look up! The sky is singing with stories. Stories that have charmed and held captive the imaginations of humans for thousands of year!

Eagles, Blue Gills and Bears, Oh My -  Tales from the 45th Latitude: Nature Stories from the northern hemisphere.


Wisconsin Tales A mix of folklore, legend and personal narrative from this gem of a state!

Stories for Change ~ stories as change to deepen our relationship with the living world, with 'other' and with ourselves.

Into the Woods ~  a mix of fairy tales and folklore from the collection of the Brother's Grimm.

Celtica -  Stories to enchant and delight from the Celtic corners of the planet.


Wild Women Tales - An homage to the feminine through stories from around the world, throughout time.

Memento Mori - Stories from the wide arc of humanity about the experience we can not escape - death!


Your Life of Place -  telling the landscapes of your life.



Islands Away -  Stories from The Hebridean Folklore Project. The HFP was founded in Eugene, Oregon in 1995, as a way to help make Scotrish Gaelic folklore alive & accessible. This program shares the deep wonder and culture of theses Scottish islands. 

As It Was Told to Me -  Before there was printed material and books, stories were transmitted orally and the world was a much different place because of that. This program explores oral tradition and includes a few good tales that were told to me, some perhaps having never been written down.


Storytelling 101 - Enjoy the breadth and depth of storytelling experiences from world myth, to local legend, folklore from the corners of the globe to personal narrative of a seasoned traveler and teller.  Performance and/or workshop.

Re-Member Your Wild & Bespoke Imagination~

Dig deep into the imaginal with this retreat experience exploring imagination through storytelling and Yoga. (I'm also a Certified Yoga Teacher)


A nice article about the Wild Women Tales program in Chetek, pg 24.


Email me if you are interested to exploring this and remember - anything is possible!



"Every legend and all mythologies exist to teach us how to run our days. In in a kind fashion. In a loving way. But there's no story, no matter how ancient, as important as one's own. So if we're to live good lives, we have to tell ourselves our own story. In a good way." ~ Frank Delaney



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