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What is this? 

Weaving Worlds Story Circle is a space to become more... more mythically aware, more aware of yourself as a cyclical being, more aligned with the seasonal energies, and more aware of the more-than-human world.


It's about transforming and de-colonizing your imagination, about being an active part of shaping the shift we ,and all dwellers of Earth, are experiencing.

It's about taking the time and growing your awareness - of knowing story, storytelling, and the protean world within and all around.. For some it might be about crafting a new & profound story...

How might we become more conscious and intentional about the stories we believe, tell and court? 

 The 2023-24 cycle will explore the energies of 

animism | WHOLENESS | rupture | generosity |  THE STILL POINT

Who is this for?   

This is for cycle breakers, fringe-dwellers, center weavers and broken brights and anyone who has spent time on the island of misfit toys. For story carriers, tellers, dreamers, poets and creators. It is for the curious and those who are ready, or not, to slow down in the darker side of the year and listen, deeply, within and without. It is for hillocks, bogs, prairies and the complexities of being human in a more-than-human world. Perhaps this experience is for YOU?

Weaving with story in the arc of the composting time of the year is for your soul, your community, your ancestors and descendent. 



What does this looks like?   

From Halloween/Samhain to Beltane and each seasonal, Earth honoring holy-day in between  - Winter Solstice, Imbolc & Ostara/Spring Equinox - the circle of us will gather live via Zoom (or similar) to co-create and engage with a story.   Meetings will happen on Sunday afternoons 12:30-2pm (ish) near these festival days. We will work with magnificent myth, ancient lore and personal narrative.  Each story circle will be recorded if you can't make it (online) live.   There will be prompts & musings before and after the circle encouraging you to deepen your relationship with the story and yourself. Often there will be a midway circle to simply gather and share how the stories are moving in you.

As you grow a relationship with each story, paying attention as the spirit of the story charms and/or troubles you...and it will if you are listening, you'll learn practices that deepen your relationship with the story and your own life's story. 

This is a robust way to follow the arc of the year through storytelling, tis a way to come together and be transformed by story.

Still curious to know more, this is a small feast of what's possible though our circle. 

Registration opens September 1 - REGISTER HERE. The cost of the 2023-24  course is a sliding scale of $135 - 300. (pay what you can/what's generous within the scale). Payment plans are possible. A limited number of partial scholarships are available - email me for more info. 

Please consider joining us and invite a friend of 2. There is an intention of creating small circles of folk in pockets of place around the world who can meet in physical places together through the cycle of this experience. This next cycle seems inexplicably essential. 

PAYMENT OPTIONS: (also on the registration form)

Venmo* - @Tlc_Love

Paypal* - @storypower

Good ol' fashion check email me and I'll send you my address.

* please add Weaving Worlds in the note field and sending as family/friend is appreciated.


~ live/online access to five meetings near Samhain, Winter Solstice, Imbolc, Ostara (spring equinox) & Beltane,

 ~ audio and video recordings for each meeting,

 ~ an online portal to access support materials & share,

 ~ prep and post meeting resources, prompts & micr0disciplines. 

~ live, online midway meeting inbetween most of the sessions


PLEASE Reach out via email if you have any questions.

DATES: Here are the dates as they stand now, they are subject to change and wiggle around a bit. Usually we meet 12:30 - 2pm ish CT

Samhain - October 22

Winter Solstice - December 17

Imbolc - January 28

Ostara - March 17

Beltane - April 28

Once you register I will send the Zoom link and prep info as we get closer to Samhain.

Yours in the rupture & awe,


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