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What is it?   It's about becoming more mythically aware.  It's about growing relationships and connections. It's about transformaing and de-colonizing your imagination. It's about shifting the shape of humanity by being more conscious and intentional about the stories we believe, tell and court. It's about quality time with your beloveds, kids, family, fellow creatives. About a slower, more story-grounded life.

It's about taking the time and tucking into to a deeper way of knowing story and storytelling...and yourself. For some it might be about crafting a new & profound story...

Who is this for?    It is for lovers of robust language, story carriers, tellers, dreamers, poets and creators.  It is for hillocks, bogs, prairies and woodlands.  For the more than human world we may have forgotten.  It is for YOU!

Weaving with story in the arc of the composting time of the year is for your soul, your community, your kids, your grand-kids, your home school group, your men's group or women's circle....it's for your ancestors and for the seven generations to come.


It is for your soul & community..

What does it looks like?   From Halloween/Samhain to Beltane and each seasonal, Earth honoring holiday in between  - Winter Solstice, Imbolc & Spring Equinox - the circle of us will gather live via Zoom (or similar) to co-create and engage with a story.   We will work with magnificent myth, ancient lore and personal narrative.  Each story circle will be recorded if you can't make it (online) live.   There will be prompts & musings before and after the circle encouraging you to deepen your relationship with the story and yourself.

As you grow a relationship with each story, paying attention as the spirit of the story moves you...and it will if you are listening, then dream, write, draw, TELL it and talk about it with your beloveds, with your sweet self.  Share your experiences, notice how the story alters, heals, inspires you. There will be a private Facebook Weaving Worlds Story Circle page to share and encounter one another if you wish.

This is a robust way to follow the arc of the year through storytelling, tis a way to come together and be transformed by story.

I'm offering this experience for a sliding scale of $75-$150 for the whole cycle from October to May. Use the button below to pay via Paypal. (there is a drop down arrow to choose the amount) You can also Email me to register and arrange payment by October 15st. Thanks for considering this and please pass it along to anyone who might be interested.

Still curious to know more, this is a small feast of what's possible though our circle. 

Yours in solidarity to the power of STORY! 


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