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1:1  Mentoring & Coaching

There are many ways we can work together 1:1 engaging in the  the alchemy of being human through stories, though our bodies and shared lived experiences.  
I bring over 25 years in deep relationship with traditional stories, and storytelling. I offer over 10 years experience as a certified yoga instructor and somatics guide, and over 5 years experience as a peer support specialist to help you live a more soul tended life, feel seen and supported in your transformation. Here are just a few possibilities:
  • becoming and/or growing your skill as an  oral storyteller, creative, writer. 
  • exploring stories as alchemical medicine to help hold, heal and allow personal growth.  
  •  un-conditioning your consciousness  working with orality, voice, grief/shadow, trauma, intuition and/or the imaginal.
  • integrating the wounds & gifts you carry in the bone deep realms of myth, folklore & fairy tale. 

​For a free 30 minutes phone conversation, let's connect.

1:1  Transformational Storytelling Coaching & Mentoring:

I will bring twenty-seven+ years of experience, study and courtship with story, oral storytelling and deep inner work to assist you in exploring the realm of myth, folklore and personal narrative, bespoke for you. I will meet you with unconditional high guard, empathetic & intuitive guidance and appreciation for your singular precious life-journey. 


Whether you are choosing 1 session to get feedback about the story you are engaging with or exploring a 9 session mentorship with me, here are a few topics that could be explored:

  • Deepening your relationship with stories and storytelling.

  • Developing tools to become more embodied, present and focused to do this work.

  • Exploring Orality, Archetype, Stories as Alchemy for Change & Moon Medicine.

  • Becoming more Mythically Awake to your life and the living world around you.

  • Growing in your unique voice as a storycarrier & teller and your ability to tell stories with others privately or publicly.

  • Fleshing out your personal mythology.

  • Re-storying stories from your life.

  • Un-colonizing your imagination and exploring the vast, wild imaginal realm of soul.

  • Engage with story as a transformational ally.

  • Simply engaging with and learn to tell a story – a myth, a favorite folktale and/or a story from your life.

Typically my rates rates range between $109-$139/session.

please email me for more information

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