Mentoring & Coaching

Whether you desire to explore the bone deep realm of myth, the folk-lore, life-lore of your ancestors, and/or the stories of your own  life Let's connect!
Maybe it's oral tradition you want to explore, maybe it's writing your memoir, work 1:1 re-storying those inner stories that keep you from thriving. And maybe you are just not sure but want to explore the charm & allurement of story!  Let's talk about what working 1:1 might look like.
It could be a one time session, or spaced out over a few month. Lets!

1:1  Transformational Storytelling Coaching & Mentoring:

I will bring twenty five years of experience, study and courtship with this ancient craft to assist you in exploring the realm of myth, folklore and personal narrative, bespoke for you. Choose stand alone sessions, 1, 2, or 3 month mentorship courses:


Whether you are choosing 1 session to get feedback about the story you are engaging with or exploring a 9 session mentorship with me, here are a few topics that could be explored:

  • Deepening your relationship with stories and storytelling.

  • Developing tools to become more embodied, present and focused to do this work.

  • Exploring Orality.

  • Becoming more Mythically Awake to your life and the living world around you.

  • Growing in your unique voice as a storycarrier & teller and your ability to tell stories with others privately or publicly.

  • Fleshing out your personal mythology.

  • Re-storying stories from your life.

  • Begining the process of un-colonizing your imagination and explore the vast, wild imaginal realm of soul.

  • Engage with story as a transformational ally.

  • Simply engaging with and learn to tell a story – a myth, a favorite folktale and/or a story from your life.


the Sacred Well

{ 3 sessions }


the Mystery Forest

{ 6 sessions }


Deep Sea Dive

{ 9 sessions }

please click on the images for more specific information for the ways we can work together. Basically my rates rates range between $106-$126/session.

please email me for more information