Samhain Prompts and Inquiry

#1 Recalling, re-listening to the story of Ol Morag -

What charms you and/or troubles you about this story?

Would you call Ol Morag a wise woman? If so why might you call her that?

When in your life have you acted/responded from a place of wisdom?

Morag has a particular relationship with the sea. It could be said she speaks the language of the sea simply from her many seasons living along it. She knows the seas's ways and moods. She is in a deep relationship with the sea....even if that relationship isn't fully explored in the story.

Muse on that level of relating and awareness with a non human entity, something from the living world, Morag's relationship with the sea and/or your own relationship with some aspect of the other than, more than human world...write, draw, share...

A bit of info on Howmore (Tobha Mor) cemetery -

#2  How is your courtship with these stories going?

Where are you in the stories?

Are there any images, feelings, messages, musings rising up from a particular story?

Have you listen to the stories again, has there been any drawing, journalling, telling, singing in reply to the story?

I find myself coming back to the story of priest/holy man from South Uist and his vision of seeing the land opening - of having that relationship with the land and then having the inner knowing to trust and name it as the "land wanting bodies, so this is where we will bury our dead." This is so rich to me.

Also that the community trusted his vision and interpretation of it.

If that were to happen today, I wonder how folks might respond to this more liminal and imaginal encounter?

This story reminds me of the times I have had experiences that were out of the realm of the lineal, 'rational' and my own trusting or untrusting of them.

What numinous/liminal/intuitive encounter have you experienced?

Did you trust it, doubt it? Did you share it? Was it well received and depending on that what did you make that mean?

#3  Considering the story of the Cailleach at the Edge of the World:

What is appealing or unappealing to you about this place she dwells?

Journal, sing, recall, write about a time in your life when "everything fell apart." What did you need, choose, etc that helped you begin again?

Is there someone, someplace, something in your life right now that represents 'raven' and her role in the story? Explore that, getting curious about your relationship with that energy.

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