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Interruption = The Birthplace of Story

Here we are - spring! The natural is world waking up ( in the northern realm) and yet, so much is dissolving, shifting and unknown as we enter into the 3rd month of The Great Interruption. Recently in a Qi Gong class our instructor shared this sweet nugget of wisdom pertaining to these times and it has been coiling around my feet like an insistent cat for attention. Interruption is the birthplace of story…of growth, adaptation and transformation. The most meaningful, robust and timeless myths and folklore include interruption, great and small, serving as a catalyst for growth, a call to 'adventure' and engaging with your soul life....if you answer the call. From t/here journeys begins, a new path opens. How have interruptions altered the terrain of your life story? What stories might be emerging from the interruption of CO(r)VID 19? It might be too early to say. Looking back at my life it seems the most sublime, awe-filled experiences and paths presented themselves on the heels of interruptions....often after climbing out of the belly of the beast, covered in ash, bruised and broken open. Thanks to those interruptions and some inner resilience I answered those calls and journeyed along paths I would never have imagined traversing. My life was (is being!) made richer, ashes and all. So my friends, if we were gathered round the fire, ceilidh-ing into the wee hours what interruption stories from your own (wild & soulful) life might bubble up begging to be told? What big myths might swoop down into our circle rattling our bones, pouring the water of life into our glasses saying "LISTEN! NOW!"

Hands to heart! Tracy

Image by Andy Goldworthy - May our newly birthing stories of interruption, individually and collective be as graceful as his art.

" My friends, do not lose heart. We were made for these times" ~ Clarrisa Pinkola Estes

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