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- the Sacred Well -

 3 sessions 1(ish) month mentorship:

The Sacred Well mentorship course is understanding storytelling basics, recognizing your role as a story carrier and sinking into the acts of deep listening and active imaging.  It is a launching place and a cool wet drink from the well of story.   Many of the elements from the 6 or 9 session mentoring courses can be brought into this 3 session dip into the Sacred Well.

What this could look like:

  • Familiarizing yourself with storytelling basics, elements and foundations.

  • Becoming more Mythically Awake to your life and the living world around you.

  • Re-storying your voice as; a storycarrier & teller. 

  • Cultivating deeper listening, imagining and working in the imaginal.

  • Engaging and exploring a story (and re-story) from your life, a favorite folktale and/or a big myth.


A basic and fluid guide to the 1 month mentorship:

3 sessions – Listening, Imagining & Carrying

  • Get clear on what you want to explore. Exposure.

  • Learn storytelling basics and getting present to elements, forms, types of stories.

  • Explore active listening & imagining, embodiment & presence.

What it looks like: 3 1:1 session via Zoom (or similar) over 4-6 weeks. In person coaching is also an option.  Most sessions will run 60-75 minutes, though the first one could take up to 90.

Cost:  Money is energy, and it is for better (and)  worse the essential currency for most of us here in the western world. Money is earned and spent. It is an exchange we engage for food, shelter, clothes, experience, knowledge.  It’s a big deal.  Some of us have plenty, some of us have enough and some may not have enough. 

It feels hugely important to me to share my passion & experience with storytelling with anyone (and everyone)  who is keen to intentionally, willingly and wholeheartedly explore the power of story and storytelling.  My fee is what I would ideally like to receive for my wholehearted and committed service to your exploration and development with storytelling.  I am also open to negotiating. Sometimes I can offer services for less, sometimes I cannot. Payment plans are possible.

Last words - if you are truly drawn to this work - don't let the money stop you.

Email me to set up a 30 minute free consultation.

Many thanks!

the Sacred Well - $375** 

register & pay .....                                                          I'll be in touch to set up dates 

** Payment plans possible

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