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                                              We are all story-carriers




And if you are listening there are stories in you and waiting for you.

I offer classes/workshops; giving practical experience into the  ebb and flow of storytelling, sharing the incredible life long importance of active listening & imagining, exploring the power of storytelling to effect change, teaching how to tell a good story so people want to listen.


Workshops can be tailored to suit large and small groups, all ages from elementary to college students and of course to adults. Workshops can be short and sweet like an hour long group telling workshop or last over the course of a few days or even weeks. I have led workshops with children, college students, adults, educators, librarians and with elders. 


Examples of past workshops:

~ The Power of Storytelling - Telling Your True Story

~ Everyone Tells

~ Storytelling 101

~ Storytelling Medicine

~ The Old Bones of Myth

~ Re-membering Your Wild & Bespoke Imagination

~ Inner Connection/Outer Expressions -Storytelling, Journaling & Yoga


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