in the summer story sanctuary

sentience | beneficence | balance

summer 2021

Women of Soul. Women of Spirit continues this summer with  3 virtual/live wisdom courses - The Summer Story Sanctuary - a place to behold & be held, an oasis to come to rest and restore in the company of women*. 

We'll explore the depths of the mythic feminine, specifically the energies of

sentience, beneficence & balance.

Summer Story Sanctuary

(like a secret garden, only wilder)

Step out of the heat of 'doing' into the Story Sanctuary of sensing, being & imagining. Each course will include somatic practices, storytelling

and follow up material. Audio recordings will be available afterwards.

Join one or all three.  3 pricing tiers: $35, $25 & $15.

Sundays 12:30 - 2pm cdt:  

June 27th  - Sentience

July 25th - Beneficence

September  19th - Balance

All the courses are virtual-live, inquiry based and experiential through sacred storytelling, somatic practices and communion with the natural

(wild, more than human) world.

Each course stands on its own and also weaves into the other courses.

Join 1 or all 3, exploring & regenerating your experience with the

Mythic Feminine, Self & The Sacred Wild. 

Each course will include prep, self-reflective prompts & 

micro disciplines resource support material.

**The series is open to women identifying folk.

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* If you have a question please email me.

In gratitude!