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coming summer 2022

Summer Sunday Story Sanctuary  -  June 19th -  12-2pm cdt


Women of Soul. Women of Spirit continues this summer with  2 virtual/live wisdom courses - The Summer Story Sanctuary - a place to behold & be held, an oasis to come to rest and restore in the company of women*. 

We'll explore the depths of the mythic feminine, specifically the energies of

voice & the unplanned journey.


Step out of the heat of 'doing' into the Story Sanctuary of sensing,

being & imagining. There an opening to a place to rest & grow, in community and co-creation in the ecology of story is waiting.  Our circle include somatic practices, storytelling and follow up material, exploring VOICE & the Unplanned Journeys of a robust Soul Life. Potentially working with the Greek myth of Cassandra. Open to women/femme identifying folks.


Sliding scale $25-$45. virtual

Register with payment via Venmo @Tlc_Love

or email me for other options


Also on offer is autumn WITCH

From the New Moon  Sunday September 25- 12-2pm cdt

to the Full Moon - Sunday October 9 - 12-2pm cdt

The Witch is the ultimate feminist icon because she is a fully rounded

symbol of oppression & liberation. ~ Pam Grossman

Summer Story Sanctuary

(like a secret garden, only wilder)


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