The Great Turning....


Once upon a time, when words were like magic us two-legged had a much deeper relationship with the imaginal realm, with ourselves, each other, our ancestors and this planet - our home. 


Now is the time of The Great Turning.  A turning towards that way of being and seeing, yet woven and lived through the lens of of 21st century selves. Now is the time to listen, to re-connect, re-member and to respond.

The Great Turning  is a movement and way of life named and set to fire by Joanna Macy in her "Work That Reconnects." It is about the great shift that is happening now within and all around us and our conscious taking part in the healing of the planet and the all of us!  


These stories are small threads in the great tapestry weaving, turning and through action, becoming. With deep awe and gratitude for the stories that shared their shine and shade with me, and now you. To those who stand behind me - my ancestors and story bearers.


The heartiest of thanks to the sublime sound recording of Dennis James and The Society of Broken Souls, to Chris and Shawn at Sooper Dooper for their patient and professional graphic and duplication support. 

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10,000 thank yous.

Hands to heart.