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September 25 - October 9

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The Witch is the ultimate feminist icon because she is a fully rounded

symbol of oppression & liberation. ~ Pam Grossman




At the tail end of 2021 the word - WITCH landed in my awareness. I reflected on her paradoxical, tragic, exulted story/associations, my own relationship with WITCH, and my identification with this complex archetype.


Decades back I claimed and named myself WITCH. A powerful and secret act.

Somewhere in my quest to deepen into WITCH came across a book for solo practitioners and that really landed for me. Since then and many rituals, ceremonies, magical feasts & experiences later I am grateful for these empowered, spelled out & in experiences which have guided me through many dark nights of the soul, and into new seasons of my life aligning with both inner and ancient wisdom for healing & alchemy!


Where does WITCH live in your body? 

What harvest in your life, your body does WITCH offer to you?



These musings led to another idea ...a course exploring the past, present and future of WITCH. Honoring both her story and ours, getting intentional about holding space & offering experiences for others to transform and heal especially as we move into a new year and new more unifying stories & actions to better serve our planet, Earth and all human and more than humans dwelling here. 

Autumn WITCH happens within the first moon cycle of autumn's harvest season from the new moon (9/25) to the full moon (10/9). This is a powerful time to gather, rest and reflect on the harvest of your summer through the wisdom of myth & moon medicine and prepare for the descent into winter's dreaming womb space.


As with many courses I offer, it's a 'choose your own adventure' experience, meaning participate, share, show up in whatever way works for you. The container is solid, you will be held in all the ways you might choose to work with this material. There's space for 16 women identifying peoples.




Acknowledging women; human and more than human who were identified, silenced and/or exalted as witches.  


Explore the WITCH work of a few mythic women who were known as WITCH.

Together in community we shall experience; a descent into deeper places, tapping IN (the body) supported with meditation & embodiment practices as we shifting our attention towards the release & surrender of autumn.


Align with the first moon cycle of the year -  intention setting & reflection for the season we are flowing into.




2 virtual-live meetings, 

  • New Moon in Libra - Sunday September 25 - 12-2pm cdt

  • Full Moon in Aries - Sunday October 9 - 12-2pm cdt


Weekly recorded meditations & embodiment practices.


Prompts & Homeplay handout.




a sliding scale of $68-$108. Register with your payments via Venmo @Tlc_Love


This Circle is deep in the belly of myth, moon and WITCH medicine.

Much love,


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