Re-Story your Birth

Being born/birthing another into this world is a sacred & profound initiatory experience.  Every mother dreams & plans to have an good birth and sometimes that doesn't happen. 


Sometimes things do not go as planned.   


It might be a small thing, it might be a big thing that goes awry.


If that unplanned birth experience is part of your story.  This coaching series might be ripe and right for you. 

Re-Story your Birth is a series of 3-6 1:1 coaching sessions (Zoom or in person) intended to re-frame traumatic birth stories.  


Working with storytelling elements, imagination, meditation, somatic exercises and breathwork we will re-frame, re-story the story of your precious entry or story of you birthing another into this world.

Throughout this experience it is my intention you for you to feel  supported, seen and and safe.

If this feels like something you'd like to explore with me. Let's do that!

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