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Summer Sanctuary

An open window beckons on this northern midwestern Summer Solstice day. The longest day of the year and the zenith of the sun's light in the northern hemisphere. It is a time of fullness and completion. A time when the natural world is most energized and alive. A time to bask and soak in that yummy sun and all its potential. Tomorrow the sun will be just a bit lower in the sky, just a bit less. I'm always curious to notice my internal state at these markers of the year. And while I enjoy the glowing robustness of the Summer Solstice...there is always a part of me that sighs and welcomes the ebbing of that light. Can anyone relate? Feel free to share - I'm curious. Are you reveling in the fullness, aliveness and renewal at this time, or something else?

Such an extended journey of pause and lockdown and all that that entailed for a whole planet in ways great and small, and now to return and see people's faces, seemingly newly minted. To hold a friend and be held after a long dry spell. Kae Tempest's song People's Faces comes to mind daily these days. At this seasonal peak along with a whole planet I am integrating much, noticing how courageous so many are and i am recognizing and owning the courage I've inhabited in my own life over the last year an half. We are all heroines (and villains, fools, etc.) returning from a great journey. Let's shift that classic hero's journey arc and heartily welcome each other as we return from both the global and individual journeys we have walked, let's tend to ourselves and each other so we can integrate and heal. Let's celebrate the strange new gifts certain to blossom from such a crucible as we have all experienced. An epic feast, a renaissance of social, racial, environmental & artistic justice awaits for all. Wishing you each courage to meet the new road and each challenge that presents along the way. Always so much love, Tracy

JOIN ME this summer: BOREALIS MUNDI ~ threshold stories:

A one-woman storytelling performance exploring place, loss & grace through personal narrative, poetry & story. Four live outdoor concerts plus one virtual made possible in part through a grant by The Chequamegon Bay Arts Council & The Wisconsin Arts Board.

31 July - - Rocky Run 1000 Superior Ave Washburn WI - 7pm Tickets on sale now 13 August - - Madeline Island Library, La Point WI - 6pm **

​2 September - - Wakonda Park, Menomonie WI - 6:30pm ** (in the pines near the Native People's memorial)

​11 September - - Gad Rd, Gad WI - 4pm ** (where the gravel road ends. ) 20 November - - Virtual Live Concert via Zoom - 7pm ** ** tickets on sale soon via ***

SUMMER STORY SANCTUARY (like a secret garden, only wilder)

Three Sunday live/virtual womens* courses this summer. Step out of the heat of 'doing' into the Story Sanctuary of sensing, being & imagining. Each course will include somatic practices, storytelling and follow up material. Sundays 12:30 - 2pm cdt: June 27th - Sentience July 25th - Beneficence September 19th - Balance​ More info & register *Open to women identifying peoples.


STORIES & SPELLS of the Furred, Finned & Feathered Summer Reading Programs 2021 For the 11th year the road calls & communities all over the state will co-create in the ancient craft of storytelling, from mid June- mid August. Here's the line up for this summer. All are family friendly unless otherwise noted. 23 June - Wilton Library - 10am & New Lisbon Mem. Library - 2pm 24 June - Whitehall Public Library - 12:30 30 June - Luck Public Library - 3pm

12 July - Black River Falls Library - 4pm & 5pm 13 July - Shirley M Wright Memorial Library - Trempealeau - 6:30pm 15 July - Watertown Public Library in Clark Park - 6pm - adult program 28 July - Calhoun Memorial Library, Chetek - 7pm - adult program 12 August - Phillips Public Library - 11am 13 August - Madeline Island Pub Library - 10am (kids/fam) & 6pm - adults ***

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