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Mother Memory

Birthed now an orphan by the singing tongues of mercurial Sea Held by the long arms of memory Weaned on grief

Me all salt tears and mist like smoke You in my lap stardusted and ash Filling a mussel shell Freed from our confinements Too old for language

While the great eye of sky Wept I let the form that Formed me slide into The formless hands of the sea ~ * ~ These past past few weeks I was on a very initiatory journey to the Oregon coast where I scattered my Mom's ashes at some of her, our, favorite haunts over the years between Heceta Head and Newport. As I drove west from Eugene through the coastal range, salt air seeping in through the window I was unprepared for the pastiche of memory. In that surge of 20 years of memory I re-discovered my Mom being utterly happy, open and free in this place. I had forgotten her joy in my grief and heaviness of the world since her passing. I had forgotten her as a joyful being, here in her happy place, by the roiling and royal Pacific. In the caves of Heceta Head, the brow of Cape Perpetua, the big toe of basalt dipping into the waves in Yachats and along the wide song of Nye Beach - she, we, shared joy! Two red heads, then one white & one silver, mother and daughter together and united in awe of wonder of the Sea. The last time I came to the coast she was still alive, in the body. It is only through the contrast of the her death, her shifted shape, that I could really feel all the joy she knew here. What we experienced t/here together. So very precious and unexpected. Now as I unpack, my suitcase laced with sand, seashells and hazelnuts this journey and yet another piece of my grieving process has altered me. Some of that deep sorrow I've carried for quite a long time has alchemized into joy - my Mom's golden joy - and some peace. So as the veil between the worlds becomes thin and luminous I'll be inviting my Mom, my most recent ancestor in, along with the mix of dearly departeds and the hoard of those unknown (yet not since they are in me) to me. What ancestors are you inviting in? Consider taking a some time to create an ancestor altar honoring your land, blood and soul ancestors. Share a photo - I'd love to see and hold space with you and yours. Over the summer I was so humbled and honored to offer four live outdoor storytelling performances, Borealis Mundi - threshold stories**. Each an exploration of place, loss & grace. If you were able to make one of the performances - thank you so much! What a glorious journey! The LAST performance of BOREALIS MUNDI - threshold stories in this series will be virtual-live on Saturday November 20th at 7pm CT. Please join me and help spread the word. This promises to be an intimate and evocative experience ! ***This project was in part made possible by a grant by CBAC & the WI Arts Board Just one in the family of many, Tracy Extra Bits There's still time to join the next cycle of Weaving Worlds Story Circle - if you are feeling drawn to tend to your soul and deepen into the big strong arms of story between now and Beltane email me ASAP (ny 10/30) to register! If you are curious to explore the full range of your voice as a key to transforming your work, relationships and your life please join me at the Christine Center November 5-7 for Expressing & Celebrating Your Full Voice: A weekend liberation. Full Voice offers a pathway to being present in voice! What if you could gather together with your most cherished and beloved people for an intimate storytelling experience? Consider hosting a virtual live Storytelling House with a specific intention or theme, or just trust the 'right' stories for the moment will show up to brighten and deepen the long dark nights ahead. Let's talk more!

Become a patron of storytelling! If you see the value of story and the work I'm doing in the world to create connection, empathy, beauty and MORE, please consider becoming a patron or make a donation/gift to help support sharing this transformational art with the world! Somatic Yoga Nidra - listening to you body is one key ingredients to listening well with a story, with your partner, with your life....Join me for an embodied experience in Somatic Yoga Nidra. (and some seriously deep rest!) Virtual-Live, Thursdays: November 4 &18 - 3pm CT Please RSVP and I will send out the link. November dates for virtual live yoga classes. ** image by Elena Ray

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