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Shell River in N. Minnesota

This past spring many, so many seeds were planted, tucked into the loamy black earth of these COVID times. Some were well tended through sun and stormy weather. And now heart deep into harvest some of those seeds have borne food. Some are already cycling back to earth... What a joy telling eye to eye with young faces again. What a blessing engaging with present adults heart to heart after all that's been and is still becoming. Old haunts and the landscapes of my youth were revisited. In July I gazed out at Lake Michigan from Juneau Park, the park my Dad played in as a kid (he grew up across the street), where my Grandma Rose strolled as a young woman, as a single mother and then in the role of grandmother my small hand tucked in hers as we noshed on Fiddle Faddle. And present at my back, in my mind were those that walked and tended this shoreline - the Potawatomi people and the complex experiences and relationships borne of European contact which I am still very much learning about now...often this is not the history I was taught in school. In August I was fortunate to stand in solidarity under Indigenous leadership with the Water Protectors who are bravely taking a stand to protect the land and waterways of the north. A story with grave consequences deep in it's unfolding. Much to digest, many lessons learned and so much more to grieve, tend, stand up for. The big messages I walked away with; do something (anything) to support BIPOC led movements & de-colonizing our conditioning, and - love - yourself, each other, this planet and the beings brought to life here. How about your harvest of stories/experiences/moments this summer? What fruits will feed your dream time this winter? What sorrows will you tend? May you create a spell of time to reflect. As autumn draws closer here are some offerings - mine and others that might appeal. Happy Harvest, Much love, Tracy LISTEN! If you are looking for a story rich podcast I highly recommend tuning into storyteller Jay Leeming! *** ALL HERE DWELL FREE : Women's* Retreat - onsite at the Christine Center - September 5-7

SUMMER STORY SANCTUARY | BALANCE - a live-online afternoon, Sunday September 19th open to women*​​​​​​​

Step out of the heat of 'doing' into the Story Sanctuary of sensing, being & imagining. Each course will include somatic practices, storytelling and follow up material. *** register here ***

Audio recording will be available afterwards.​

* Both events open to women identifying peoples.​ *** BOREALIS MUNDI ~ threshold stories:

A one-woman storytelling performance exploring place, loss & grace through personal narrative, poetry & tradition story.

September 2 in Menomonie! The first 2 live outdoor Borealis Mundi concerts were amazing - thank you, thank you to all who showed up to dive deep into these threshold stories. There are 2 more live concerts in the next few weeks and then a live - virtual concert in November. *** WEAVING WORLDS STORY CIRCLE: If you are looking to swim deeper into the universal currents of story please consider joining the circle from Samhain to Beltane. Open to all who are curious & willing to listen, imagine and explore beneath surfaces and into the alchemy of story and life! Reach out if you have questions and register by 10/25. Here are the Sunday dates - 12:30-2pm CT - Oct 31 | Dec 19 | Jan 31 | March 20 | May 1 *** STORYTELLING HOUSE CONCERTS: Host a live virtual (or a live in person concert depending on where you are and how things go) this November - April 2022. House concerts are rich intimate storytelling concerts where you invite your peeps and together we create some serious wonder & connection. These house concerts have shown themselves to be meaningful antidotes to the wild ride we are all navigating. Email me if you want to learn more or book a date. *** VIRTUAL YOGA & INNER SANCTUARY: Being present, in your body is the sweetest place to live your life...and enjoy the ancient co-creative art of storytelling. If you are keen to learn more, consider joining me for my live - virtual (mostly) weekly yoga/stretch classes. All levels welcome. Each class includes stretching, breathwork and group meditation.

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