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(remember you will die)

an online meditation


In essence this guided visual meditation is a tool that can create feelings of peace during times of fear and anxiety.

It's not about fixing a problem, more an accepting of circumstances and peace making though the process itself can trigger a range of emotional experiences.

The class which will include gentle movement, breathwork,  journalling/reflection and meditation runs about 75-90 minutes with the meditation being about 30 minutes. Each offering will be slightly different and it is possible a story may weave its way into the mix.

I will bring decades worth of combined  experiences as a storyteller, a yoga and meditation instructor and an empathic human being who has mid-wifed a number of end of life experiences.

The classes will be online via Zoom.

Winter offerings coming - please email me if you are interested in join us.

Cost is a sliding scale of $15-25per  person, per class.  Pay what is doable for you. Some will pay more some less and it all work out for everyone.  The Zoom link will be send out 2-3 days before the class and an audio recording after.

Looking forward to journeying together powerfully. 

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