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Friday May 27th - 7pm CST

Threshold Stories: Answering the Call at the Crossroad


Join me in collaboration with Threshold Community Space as spring moves towards summer for this online storytelling event.  Together we are moving individually and globally out of the Great Pandemic & Interruption into a time of grieving, and re-building, re-covering and re-visioning a New Story.


Now at this crossroads there is a call to action to create, in the words of Charles Eisenstein, "a more beautiful world we know is possible".


Join us in community from the comfort of your home to soak in the mythic continuum of story as we prepare to answer the call, here at the crossroads, taking action, re-imaging the new story we must bring forth....

Tickets: $15-30/per person suggested donation
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In light of the current situation with COVID 19 I will be offering a series of storytelling 'home concerts" via the internet.  Storytelling LIVE, in person, eye to eye and heart to heart is absolutely the way to go to enjoy the co-creative goodness of storytelling...and right now at this time in our history as humans, that is simply not a great practice.  This is my attempt to make lemonade from lemons. 


Gathering together in community, via the interweb weaving in and with and through story IS something ripe and ready for us to partake in together and my experience is that storytelling in this way can be potent, ripe and transformational.

Can we imagine and feel our connected-ness!


Shall we?

On the heels of a number of very connective online tellings -  I'm throwing out an invitation to anyone who wold like to co-host a home concert.  Invite your beloveds and we will gather around the virtual fire and feast on nourishment, allies and emerging agents of changes.  Email me and let's do this.



March 21 2020


The Good Birth Childbearing & Wellness Center in Washburn is over the moon to co-host an ONLINE storytelling house concert with teller Tracy Chipman on Saturday March 21st starting at 6:30 pm CST from the comfort of your own home brought to you in part by COVID 19.

The Crack Where the Light Get In, is a collection of threshold stories - the places and times in our lives that open us, changing our lives, often propelling us into uncharted territories and new adventures.

It is through these numinous imitation points in our lives where, if we are listening & paying attention that light, new life comes through. What could be more appropriate at this strange and intense gather together, in community at dive deep into the well of threshold stories...


The ancient craft and art of storytelling is a deeply embedded in our bones and our souls. Co - creating together through our deep listening and wild imagining is a beautiful way to connect and re-member the bigger stories at play opening us to live more purposeful, wider, more awe-filled lives.


You provide the snacks and refreshments. We are asking for a suggested donation of $10-$20 per person, though no one will be turned away and what is collected will go to the artist. The content is appropriate for tweens and older. When you register a paypal link will be provided, or can be send via post.


Please RSVP to me via email  to confirm attendance by Friday 3/20 and a Zoom link will be sent to you Saturday afternoon. Your email will not be used for anything other than sending out the Zoom link.


A bit about my work....I stepped on the path of storyteller under an Oregon hazelnut tree 25 years ago and has never looked back. The world is made up of stories...and the weaving of deep myth, folklore and personal narrative connects us to the Earth, each other and our precious selves in magnificent and magical ways....especially in times of crisis/opportunity. More about my work here –

What you need to do to be part of this storytelling circle.


1/ RSVP via email  by Friday 3/20 CST - you are interested in attending.  I will send out the Zoom link Saturday afternoon. Tips about using Zoom here.

2/ you can create a Zoom acct before the event -   though it's not necessary. Super easy and it's free.   

3/ Before you join the circle, please turn of your phone (if possible), light a candle, take some action to invite the story in and get cozy.

4/ If you want to be part of the short Zoom tutorial arrive before the event start time.

If there's interest I would love to do more of this while we are all under the thumb of COVID 19.  Please let me know if you want more of these experiences....

Please use the paypal link below or email me for my address and send via post.  

Who's in??


So excited about cooking up something meaningful and rich together!