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The World is Made of Stories, Not Atoms.

Muriel Rukeyser

Greetings! I am a lover of beginnings, middles & ends, a listener, a story carrier, folklorist and teller of such tales! My ancestors; pioneers, puritans, and travelers carrying stories from the Jurassic Coastline to deep loric Bavarian forests, from Great Lakes to Rolling Prairie-lands.Wisconsin native who has roamed and roved far and wide and now resides here, once again in the land of red granite, dark wild woods and deep, bottomless lakes. I stepped onto the path of storyteller 22 years under an Oregon hazelnut tree and have never looked back.  Deep listening, wild imagining and getting out of the way for the story to tell itself are the tools of my trade. 

I believe that stories and storytelling are set deep in our human bones and more than ever we need more people mythically awake, we need the ability to listen deeper, to imagine well beyond the coding of colonization!  We need the evocative intelligence of old myth and folklore to weave in, with and through the fabric of our lives, our communities and our own stories. There is always time and there's always a need for stories to be told!

I offer storytelling performances and workshops  in co-creative collaboration with the wide range of the inter-generational spectrum. Tellings happen everywhere and most commonly I find myself in libraries, schools, at conferences, house concerts, festivals and sometimes in my own back garden.   Over the decades I have shared my gift in all four directions

in many curious ways. 

If you are curious about deepening your relationship to story, to your writing, your art and/or your creative life - consider a 1:1 Storytelling Coaching session. 

From 1996 – 2004 my deep respect for the land and Gaelic culture ferried me over to the Outer Hebrides of Scotland and from that the Hebridean Folklore Project was born.  There I visited with and recorded over 40 Scottish Gaelic speaking elders from the islands.  In 2016 the body of analog recordings were digitized and are now archived at the Digital Archive of Scottish Gaelic.  Coming soon retellings of these tales, living in the pages of a book, a wise book, a wild and magical book!


To book a date or with any questions, please email me! Also check out  and "like" my Facebook page to stay current on performances and storytelling opportunities. 


​Presently I am based in North Menomonie in NW Wisconsin, where I live with my partner in an ever growing garden, a few chickens and a sassy black cat called Pippin.  When I'm not listening or telling I also play with writing and practicing & teaching Yoga.


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