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The Handless Maiden

a story of initiation & regeneration

April 2rd - 6pm CDT & 3rd 2pm CDT  - Virtual Live

Please join storytellers Lara McClure, Tracy Chipman &

Jay Leeming and let's co-create together!


The Handless Maiden

The Handless Maiden is a tale for these crucible times. A tale of both beauty and violence following the journey of a courageous young woman through desolation to the place where deep healing and regeneration can occur in the belly of Wild Nature herself.

Performances are appropriate for those 16 year and older.

The Handless Maiden is known to be a German Fairy Tale from the Brother’s Grimm collection 1st published 1812. In the words Laura Simms;


“The story is about a woman's initiation into the underground forest through the rite of endurance. The word endurance sounds as though it means "to continue without cessation," and while this is an occasional part of the tasks underlying the tale, the word endurance also means "to harden, to make robust, to strengthen," and this is the principal thrust of the tale, and the generative feature of a woman's long psychic life. We don't just go on to go on. Endurance means we are making something.” 

the storytellers

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